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Hydraulic press brake(bending machine)
Hydraulic press brake(bending machine)

The hydraulic press brake used to bend the mild steel and stainless steel in some industries. It can obtain different bending angle. It also call hydraulic bending machine.
The press brake combined with left and right columns, worktable, cylinder, ram and oil tank etc. The cylinder is positioned in center face of the frame with the reasonable force, high strength and good rigidity, and easy for transportation, installation and commissioning. The hydraulic system can prevent the machine from overload when the thickness of the plate is changed or the wrong selection of the bottom die's opening width. Otherwise, the machine features a smooth and reliable performance and easy operation. It has the functions of inching, single cycle, dwell and releasing pressure operation, The working pressure is constant over the entire strokeĦ£
The bending machine is equipped with an adjustable mechanism of deflection compensation to ensure a higher bending accuracy. The press brake can also punch holes and bend pipes if equipped with necessary devices.

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