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NC hydraulic press brake£®bending machine£©
NC hydraulic press brake£®bending machine£©

Product Description:
The performance of this type of hydraulic press brake(metal sheet bending machine):
Model: serial WC67K
1.the frame is steel-welded construction, vibration to eliminate stress. With high strength and good rigidity.
2.forcing torsion bar maintains synchronization for the two pistons, with the higher parallelism to the table. Mechanical stop nuts ensure stable and reliable positioning accuracy.
3.The stroke(Y) of ram and (X) back gauge are all controlled by E20 NC or DA-41 system with high positioning precision.
4.Balls crew is equipped to ensure the positioning precision of back gauge.
E20 NC and DA-41 system has a simple programming function.
Line transducer is equipped also.
1 two-hand control foot pedestal device
2.it is possible for special tooling with different lengths to bend the closed frame workpiece
3. crowned compensation device in worktable is available
4.any tailor-made are available on request.

Technical parameter: