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Hydraulic guillotine shear
Hydraulic guillotine shear

the guillotine shear adopt vertical cutting type to cut stainless steel ,mild steel and copper sheet in some industries, the work piece is so smooth, straight and
1. The metal sheet is moved easily by the rolling balls and the support block located on the table to ensure the surface quality of the sheet to be cut. There are front support arms and side squaring arm.
2. Mechanical rear stopper with manual fine tuning and digital indication.
3.clearance in between shearing blades adjusted by hand wheel to be quick, accurate and convenient.
4.rectangular blades with four cutting edges to prolong working life, adjustable shearing angle to reduce deformation of the sheet.
5. the top blades¡¯ holder adopts inner slanting construction to ease unloading working piece to promote the quality of working piece. the stoke of top blade could be adjusted stepless.
6.the cutting angle can be adjusted through pressure the button on control box. The angle degree is show by indication light.  It¡¯s very easy and convenient.
7. Protective fence and the safety interlocker to ensure the operation safety. Power supply switch that is set in the electric box will be automatically turned off when the box's door is opened or the fence is turned up. Protecting barrier with safety interlocker is mounted on the back of the machine. Another, there are travel limit protection and foot pedestal mounted emergency off switch.

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