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NC Hydraulic guillotine shear
NC Hydraulic guillotine shear

Product Description:
The performance of our guillotine shear (hydraulic metal sheet cutting machine): model: serials QC11K
1. The metal sheet is moved easily by the rolling balls and the support block located on the table to ensure the surface quality of the sheet to be cut. There are front support arms and side squaring arm on the guillotine shear.
2. Closed loop control system is composed of NC controller and the encoder. NC controller has the automatic function of inspection and compensation. The back gauge is driven by DC servo motor, the positioning precision of the back gauge, the parallelism of the sheet to be cut off and the precision of the shear size can be ensured. After inputting precomputed data, the back gauge can be automatically moved, positioned, stopped and retraction when cutting. X axis repeat positioning accuracy: 0. 1mm.
3. Protective fence and the safety interlocker to ensure the operation safety. Power supply switch that is set in the electric box will be automatically turned off when the box's door is opened or the fence is turned up. Protecting barrier with safety interlocker is mounted on the back of the machine. Another, there are travel limit protection and foot pedestal mounted emergency off switch. 
4.the back gauge is controlled by E20, touch screen DTC660 or DAC-310 control system. 
5. it is possible that gap between top and bottom blades could be automatic adjusted through control system.    

Technical parameter: