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Cut to length line with taper slitting machine for light pole
Cut to length line with taper slitting machine for light pole

It is for light pole material uncoiling, leveling, cutting, scrape edge slitting and taper slitting process, to get one side small width, one side big width steel plate.
Technical Parameter and Composed Devices
Technical Parameter
1. Thickness of material£º2mm-6.0mm for Q235A hot rolled mild steel
2. Width of material£º800-1600mm
3. Weight of steel coil£ºMax 15 tons
4. Inner diameter of steel coil£º¦µ500mm-¦µ750mm
5. Leveling speed£º5- 15m/min
6. Number of leveling rollers: 13
7. Leveling rollers diameter : 130mm
8. Length range for scale£º 2000¡«14000mm according requirments.
10. Tolerance of cutting length £º¡À15mm (base on 8m length plate)
11. Main leveling motor power: 37kw (total about 65KW)
12. width area for machine£ºabout  7000mm
Detail of the device 
Equipment includes£º
1. Steel coil loading dolly car£º
2. Hydraulic double-head umbrella type decoiler£º
3. Hydraulic guiding-pressing, shovel-head, pinch and feeding device:
4. Middle rolling way worktable£º4M
5.Leveling unit£º(two lay type),
6. Cutting machine£º
7. Double edge slitting unit.
8. Taper slitting unit
9. Ball type support table 14 m for finished taper sheet
10. Electrical system£º
16. Hydraulic system£º
17. diagram of cutting line for light