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C type CNC turret punching machine
C type CNC turret punching machine

Performance :
¡¡¡¡¡¡CNC hydraulic punching press with high accuracy and efficiency. The world¡¯s most advanced technologies integrated. A perfect combination of newest control technology and conventional mechanism. The international universal tooling is of thick turret long guide series, with a high hardness, anti-abrasion ability and good guidance. The work range can be expanded with auto indexing stations. The machine adopt the world-famous FANUC control system and AC servo system. The hydraulic system adopt the world-famous German H+L hydraulic system which is safe and reliable and noise-low and is of automatic hydraulic overload protection with a stable punching force in the complete stroke. It is an ideal equipment in numerically controlled metal fabrication industry as its efficient, high-quality and reliable feature.

C type CNC hydraulic punching machine---- technical data